We offer a wide variety of professional grade tractor services for Bay, Washington and surrounding counties. 

  *bushhogging  *backhoe and excavator work  *ponds  *ditch cleaning  *utility trenches  *stump removal  *livestock burials  *swimming pool demolition and fill-ins  *seawall back-fills  *off road fork lift  *post holes   *privacy fence removal  *debris clean up and removal   *discing  *light concrete and structure demolition   *food plots, hunting camp maintenance and off the grid construction projects    Call for details and pricing please.

If you have a particular project you'd like done and a budget in mind, send me an email describing it and what price you have in mind and let's see if we can make it happen. I have lots of equipment and a low overhead! I service outlying areas other than Bay and Washington counties frequently, call for pricing please. Also, if you have a question on a Sunday or after hours, text or email me and I'll answer you ASAP. Thanks, Ken 

Owned and operated by Panama City native and USCG veteran Ken (Spud) Faint. I've been providing tractor services to this area since 1998. 

Call, text or email Ken for more information and pricing at (850) 258-0127 or bwtractor@gmail.com